Helping people find their way

Over the past 15 years, David has built an experiential design practice that links user experience research, graphic design and community building.

Designing experiences

What makes a place enjoyable, or easy to navigate?

Experiential design is the sum total of the cues and sensations that tell you about a space, and whether it was built with you in mind. By carefully crafting an environment, you can create a specific experience for the people who inhabit it.

David designs placemaking and wayfinding strategies for a design studio in Toronto to enable everyone to navigate and enjoy the spaces around them. His background includes a Master of Research in Information Environments, for which he developed a game-based wayfinding platform in which participants collaborate to reveal the grassroots knowledge of the community.


Wayfinding and placemaking projects from across Canada, the US, and Europe.

“With his wealth of creativity and infinite patience,
David easily guided me through the design process.
His service was impeccable and his product, fresh and innovative.”

– Past client

Other projects

Every Centennial Project

Every Centennial Project

Illustrations of the modernist remnants of Canada's 1967 centennial.

Social Wayshowing study by David Kopulos

Social Wayshowing

A graduate study of participatory game-based wayfinding in central London, UK.

Toronto Pending artwork series


Paintings and papercraft that explore unbuilt and imaginary architecture.

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